KIDS DIVISION Click to Register as a Kid!

The IPFL Kids Division is for Kids age 6-9, who desire to compete in the IPFL and who's parents give consent for their little one to join the IPFL.  There are no special requirements to tryout and all Kids must pass a physical and be physically eligible to play.

BIG KIDS DIVISION Click to Register as a Big Kid! 

THE IPFL Big Kids Division is for Kids age 10-13, who desire to compete and are eligible to play. Consenting parents can register your child to play in our Big Kids Division and feel confident knowing your child is destined to have a Promising Athletic Future. 

YOUTH DIVISION Click to Register as a Youth!

The Youth can also be defined as "The Future". The IPFL puts our Youth in a position of exposure to a broad variety of experiences such as, fame, fortune, celebrity and notoriety, at an age where they are still impressionable, and still under the Parental/Guardian responsibility. This opens opportunity for strong mentorship in Behavior, Character and Responsibility. This also allows them to experience the positive and negative effects of fame and fortune, from a safer perspective, while equipping them with the knowledge to grow to become more responsible adults. 

ADULT DIVISION Click to Register as an Adult!

The IPFL gives opportunity to Adults who have the ability and qualifications to compete at a professional level, but was never given the opportunity.  There are many gifted athletes who may have made mistakes in their past that disqualified or devalued their chance at ever making it to the highest level an athlete can achieve. Many Star Athletes throughout the World are sitting in prisons, hustling on a street corner, working in a fast food restaurant or living homeless in the street, knowing that they have always had the skill and ability to perform as well as the Athletes they watch on TV.  The IPFL gives them that Chance and Opportunity to utilize their talents while earning a lucrative income.